Creating Chart

Creating a basic chart

To create technical chart select 'Stockalyze->New Chart ...' menu item.

New Chart Menu Item

New Chart menu item

If you select 'New Chart ...' menu item or hit 'Ctrl + N' then a Security Selection dialog appears.

Security Selection Dialog

Security Selection Dialog

Security Selection Dialog

You need to select a security and click OK to create a chart.

If you cannot find the symbol of security you are looking for then please see managing symbols.
The newly created chart will be a basic chart, i.e. without any indicators, unless you have set a default template.

Note:- You need to be connected to internet so that the latest data is downloaded.

Stockalyze Basic chart

Basic Stockalyze chart.

Once a basic chart is created you can add indicators to it and you can also add signal markers based on a trading system.