Stock Idea Finder

Also known as Stock Scanner or Stock Explorer

Stockalyze Professional can help you find stock ideas using Trading Systems.

To invoke Stock Idea Finder go to 'Tools->Find Stock Ideas ...' or just hit Ctrl+F.

Find Stock Idea menu item

Find Stock Idea menu item

Stock Idea Finder dialog

You need to fill the details in Stock Idea Finder dialog when it appears.

Stock Idea Finder dialog

Stock Idea Finder dialog to search for ideas in all stocks traded on NASDAQ

Stock Idea Finder dialog can look for all signals the selected Trading System supports. You can also change the parameters of finding like the periodicity of data, and duration for which the signal should be looked for. This dialog also needs a list of securities in which the stock idea finding will be done.

There are other utility features in this dialog to make it easy to use Stock Idea Finder.

  • You can save the Find Stock Ideas parameters in an XML file by clicking 'Save ...' button and load it next time you want to run the same search again. A point to note here is that when you load parameters from xml file then the duration is not the same as what you had saved but it is relatively same with respect to the day when you had saved it. Suppose you regularly try to find stock ideas based on signals generated during previous week then it will be a piece of cake for you to run Stock Idea Finder on a regular basis: just load a saved search parameters and click OK.
  • You can run a new test on the result of your last Stock Idea Finder report. This way you can apply a series of Trading Systems on a set of securities.

When you click OK on Stock Idea Finder dialog then the process of stock idea finding is started. It may take a while depending upon the number of securities present in the symbol list. But you can keep using Stockalyze as the job of finding stock ideas is done in the background. Once the finding is finished you are shown a dialog to make you aware that search is done.

Finished finding stock ideas.

Dialog that appears when Find Stock Idea is finished.

Below is the report of Stock Idea Finding based on the parameters shown in above image.

Find Stock Ideas report

Find Stock Ideas report

You can open chart of any security listed in this report by double clicking.