Getting Started


Thank you for choosing Lunetek Stockalyze.

What you need to run Stockalyze

Lunetek Stockalyze has been tested on 'Microsoft Windows XP', 'Microsoft Windows Vista', 'Microsoft Windows 7', and Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems.

How to get Stockalyze

Stockalyze in LiteMode is free to use, just download it and use it.
Stockalyze in ProMode needs a license which is available at small price. Please checkout Stockalyze Licenses.

How to install Stockalyze

Run the setup program and follow the wizard. It is really simple and fast to install Stockalyze and get running. After you have downloaded Stockalyze from you need to run the downloaded setup program. Depending upon which version of Windows operating system you are using you may get a dialog thrown by your operating system. On Windows 8 this dialog will look like:

User Account Control dialog

User Account Control dialog appears on Windows 8 on running setup program.

If you get this dialog then please click on yes to allow running the installer.

Below are the snapshots of subsequent dialogs that appear in the process of installation.
License agreement dialog

License agreement dialog.

Please accept license to install Stockalyze.

Dialog to change installation folder

Dialog where installation folder can be changed.

Please select the folder where Stockalyze should be installed. In most cases it should be left unchanged. Click Install to start installing.

Running Stockalyze

For running Stockalyze you only need Internet connection and nothing else. Internet connection is needed to download price history data. The data that are fetched from Internet are also stored locally so that you can use Stockalyze when you are not connected to Internet. There are many things that you can do with Stockalyze:

Things that you can only do with Stockalyze Professional.