Stock Chart Creation

Introduction to Stock Chart

Stock Charts are fundamental to technical analysis. Stockalyze is a free stock charting software and it can be used to create variety of technical charts for stocks around the world.

Technical chart: Getting Started

To create technical chart click 'New Chart' on gateway window of Stockalyze.

stock chart tool button

New Stock Chart tool button

After clicking on 'New Chart' the Security Selection Dialog appears. As an example we will create chart of NASDAQ for illustration. Type nasdaq in 'Search Ticker/Name' field present towards top-left corner of this dialog.
To follow this example make sure UNITED STATES is selected in the list of countries.

Searching symbol of NASDAQ for stock chart

Searching symbol of NASDAQ

You need to select a security and click OK to create a chart. In this example we will select NASDAQ Composite and click OK.

The newly created chart will be a basic technical chart, i.e. without any indicators, unless you have set a default template.

Stockalyze Basic technical chart

Basic technical chart of NASDAQ in Stockalyze.

If it is the first time the chart of NASDAQ is created in Stockalyze then internet connection is a must. Stockalyze will automatically download required data. If internet connection is not present then Stockalyze may still show the chart if the same security was used in Stockalyze before but the chart may not show the updated data.

Once a basic technical chart is created you can add indicators, patterns, annotations, signal markers, etc. to the chart as part of analyzing a stock.

Chart Periodicity aka Chart time frame

It helps to analyze stocks in multiple periodicity (or time frames). For End-Of-Day charts Stockalyze supports Auto, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly periodicity. To change chart periodicity click on desired tool button of periodicity toolbar.

Periodicity Toolbar

Chart periodicity (or chart time frame) toolbar.

By default the Auto periodicity is selected. Auto periodicity automatically chooses the best periodicity based on available screen width and zoom level of chart.

Stock Chart Zoom Level

Stockalyze provides ability to change zoom level of chart to customize the look to your own style.

stock chart Zoom Level Explained

Zoom Level Explained.

If Auto periodicity is selected then changing zoom level may cause different periodicity in effect depending on available screen width and data. So, e.g. if you want to see just one year of data on chart then click 1Y. You will have roughly one year of data in the visible area of chart. You can still scroll to see other data but the range of data in visible area will be roughly of 1 year. Same is the case for other zoom levels, you can choose the range of data in visible area of the chart. You can also do incremental zoom-in and zoom-out.

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