Stockalyze has a utility feature called Template. In most cases when you draw a technical chart you also draw some fixed indicators. So, instead of adding one indicator at a time you can apply a template on a chart which will add many indicators in one go. You can also set a template as default so that when a new chart is created it is created with all your favorite technical indicators intact. Template has another benefit too, if you configure an indicator then you can save that as a template and apply that template to add the configured indicator, instead of configuring the indicator each time you use that.

Creating Template

Create a chart and add all the technical indicators that you want to create template for. Go to 'Chart->Save Indicators as Template ...' menu item.

Save Template menu item

Save Template menu item.

In the file-dialog that appears choose the right name and location where the template file should be saved. You can later use this file to apply template on other charts.

Applying Template

Go to 'Chart->Add Indicator from Template ...'.

Add Indicator from Template menu item

Add Indicator from Template menu item.

Locate and select the template file in the file-dialog that appears. All indicators described in the template will get added to the chart.

Default Template

You can also make a template default so that when any chart is created it appears with the template applied. You can specify the default template in preference dialog.

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