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It would be great if the composite indicator has the same base formatting as the underlying indicators.
Iam an old man:), who likes modest colors and I reformat in general the most indicators.
Sacha it would be a nice to have, but I can imagine that you have more important things for the next updates.

Kind regards

Thanks, this is really helpfull
Sacha you are a genius, you already had the answer before I even asked the question!

I was not aware of this possibility.
May be is it a good idea to mention this download opportunity in your manual.

Kind regards
Feature & Enhancement Requests / Composite indicator
April 21, 2024, 12:35:49 PM

I was using the composite indicator, it is a great help but it has some limitations or I did not use it in the right way.

1) I had made a composite indicator of 3 SMA lines (5-50-100) I had formatted the SMA 5 as dotted, SMA 50 as long dash and the SMA 100 as a solid line, all lines in blue. The composite indicator has all solid lines and different colors. How can I get the formatting as in the chart where I made the composite indicator?
2) I noticed that I can not change the composite indicator or did I something wrong?
3) Is it possible to delete a composite indicator ?

Kind regards
Huub Poppelaars

Is it possible to give a user the opportunity to download the backtesting report to Excel?
To get a good idea which backtesting system is the best for my portfolio, it will be helpfull to compare and analyse it in Excel.

The download file may be a csv.file.

Kind regards
Huub Poppelaars
I have since many years Stockalyze and I have to change my e-mail address from to
How can I change the email addres ? In the register area I do not have the possibility to change the address. If You leave that register box it says that I have use 3 installations, but I have the program only on 1 PC.
Stockalyze is looking much better after the last update