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Hi Sacha,

Thanks, I will look into this in the next few days and provide you with feedbacks.



The transactions values should be added in the Backtest Analysis Report Table.

1>  The Buy Value = Shares x Buy Price
2>  The Sell Value = Shares x Sell Price
3>  The Return Value = Sell Value - Buy Value

There is an error in the backtest report "Initial Cash amount Summary.  The initial cash amount should be 1 000 000, not 100 000.  This is a 10 fold error.
A "space" as thousand separators would help view and analyse the data.
Instead of viewing number like this 100000 or 1000000, they would look like this 100 000 or 1 000 000.

Thank you, that will just help every users.  Saving and backup capabilities is a must.
No, only custom indicators and Trading Systems were removed (not saved).
Built-in indicators remained.



One more note:
I lost all my trading systems and all my indicators as well.

We must make sure that this "Save" button will really save everything...



Aaaaahhh! :-\ :'( >:(

I just re-entered manually a complete portfolio and realized that there was a typo in the portfolio name.
I clicked on the button to rename the portfolio but .... it wasn't the "Rename" button, it was the "Remove" button!
Since there was no confirmation to delete the complete portfolio, I LOST everything AGAIN! (damned again!)

Could you please make sure to add a confirmation pop-up windows when the "Remove Portfolio" and "Remove WatchList" are clicked?
This will prevent your customer/user to lose their work in a lightning if they inadvertently click on the wrong button.


Hi Sacha, thank you this "Save" button is a must indeed!

I was scared to put as much work into StockAlyze if I could not save it.
In the meantime you implement this "Save" button, could you confirm where the info is supposed to be stored?
Is it this file:
C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Lunetek Software\Stockalyze\data\price-hist.lyzdb ?

or here:
C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Lunetek Software\Stockalyze ?

Kindest regards,



I just purchase your software yesterday and I entered manually my complete portfolios.
Unfortunately, the is no "save button" for portfolios and studies.

This morning, I have lost everything I did: Portfolios, Watchlists, Studies...(Damned!)

How do we keep our precious work with your software if there is no "Save" button?


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