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Would programming staff consider adding some more realtime api and allow for realtime data monitoring of our portfolios?
1. IB interactive brokers realtime api  TWS-APi.
You can start demo acct to make realtime work for you.
2. Iex Exchange Api..this changed on june 1st..but it is professional level api
3. api..also need to get demo acct and token
4. Esignal Api

Now pleas allow us a realtime grid to monitor our in trade portfolios so we can get mechanical exits and alerts
Also please consider a api interface to the data and grids so we can apply our own logic to the program for alerts, buys, sells, and mechanical systems.
Consider embedding a MONO csharp compiler and a Fortran we can use some codes we own in the indictors systems, and alerts.
Please add some sms texting alerts ...thanks.ric
Hi..i bought a perpetual lifetime license in the past.I am migrating my programs over to new computer.
Can you please send me my lifetime license again..thanks.eric

ps. Is there a programmers interface to the program? If not are the source codes available for the lite version or any other version if we wish to customize it? Is a customizeable version available thru you guys?