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Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Transaction Price Date
August 02, 2019, 11:51:38 AM
I notice that when I enter a new transaction (ticker:YTEN) and choose yesterdays date, since you can't use today's date, the transaction price used is today's price, not yesterdays price.
In the example yesterday's(8/1) close price was .82 and today's current price is .85.
When I enter the transaction and use the button to Get Price, it uses today's price as the transaction price.
I can enter the correct price and it's fine.

Question: Shouldn't the "Get Price" use the date selected for the price? It seems to default to "latest" price.

Thanks Sacha.
You're amazing at responding with fixes quickly.

I'll catch the fix on your next update when it's available.

Hi Sacha.
I notice that when I sort the portfolios, the chart display doesn't change.
I hope I can explain clearly.

If I display a portfolio then select a line within the portfolio, the chart changes.
But then sort on a different column, the chart doesn't change and the highlight bar doesn't de-select in it's line position, and you can't display the chart on whatever the new line item is under the selection, until you select a different line then go back.

It looks like the highlight needs to follow the item when re-sorting instead of staying stationary on the re-sort.

To me it's not a terrible thing since the work around is to select another item then go back.


Wow, thanks for the quick solution.
It appears to be fixed, I can sort by any columns and switch back and forth and switch to other portfolios and sort correctly. I'll continue to watch for any discrepancies.

Thanks again. You are an amazing person.

Hi Sacha.
I have noticed that if I view the "Consolidated" portfolio, I can sort by each of the columns.
But if I view a specific portfolio, and sort, say on the %Gain column, then if I select a different column heading to sort, I can't go back to the %Gain column and re-sort unless I select a column that has not been sorted on yet.
I notice that when I sort on a column within a specific portfolio, the little triangle indicating the direction of the sort doesn't go away when I select a different column. But it does in the "Consolidated" listing.
I hope I have explained this clearly.

I'll send the file, but I discovered that maybe the commission is not getting flushed as I entered another transaction WITH a commission, which was correct, then followed it with a transaction without a commission and the second transaction was incorrect.

I normally enter a commission, but without a commission it shows incorrect values.
I have attached a screenshot of "AAC" stock with a purchase price of .9199, but the transaction price shows 1.9199 with no commission added. Also the Investment is incorrect.
Now I'm confused to find rhyme or reason.
See attached screenshot.

Addition to previous post. All the portfolios vary in the problem.
Some have 20 cents added to the Transaction price and others have 12 cents added. But all the individual lines (expanded) are correct.
It appears something is left over in a buffer that is part of the portfolio calculations.
Just a wild guess.

I think a new problem was introduced.
When I enter a new transaction(Buy) the Transaction price in the "summary" line, there is one dollar added to the transaction. If you expand to see the individual transaction, that price is correct. So, immediately the Gain column reflects incorrect (negative) gains.


This is awesome. I was constantly opening charts individually, but now, hands free charting.

Thank you for being proactive in developing this feature.

Love it!!!

I don't know how you do it but, you're just awesome. You did that so fast and works perfectly.


I entered UBER as a new security.
I have a default chart template setup to include the MACD indicator along with other indicators and zones.
I get an exception error when I try to chart the UBER ticker. I have to "abort" to close Stockalyze.
If I remove all indicators and zones, it displays the chart (Price, Volume)
I then tried to add the indicators, one at a time. When I enter the MACD indicator it crashed Stockalyze.
Now, I don't want the MACD or any indicators for that matter, for an IPO, but can Stockalyze be setup to ignore the default chart and use a basic (Price, Volume) when there is not sufficient data to display/calculate the indicators or zones?
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: Registration
May 01, 2019, 09:21:36 AM
Another feature using Stockalyze . . . Excellent customer service.

This corrected my issue.


Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Registration
April 30, 2019, 05:57:28 AM
Hi Sacha.
You were gracious to allow me to use a registered copy of Stockalyze because I was having problems.
Now I am purchasing a copy because Stockalyze is awesome.
But when I go to the "Register" in the Help, it tells me that it's already registered.
When I launch the application it tells me that I only have 6 days left.
How do I enter my new registration?

General Discussion / Re: Create a Trading System
June 05, 2018, 04:16:17 PM
I think the first thing that confused me was the word "during" in the condition window.

That word made me think if the number was greater than 1 then it meant "any" of the days from 0 to what ever number you put in either X or Y. I now know that is not the case.

In your example in the Help file you go through setting a MACD condition, but there is no explanation of "M" or "N" and when you select greater than or less than, it changes to "X" and "Y".
Does "M" and "N" refer to a range of days, or a specific number of days to offset also?

And in the condition window, I now understand that the "Add Condition" button inserts and AND statement to your condition and the "ADD Sub Condition" button inserts an OR statement to the condition. I didn't find that explained in the help file.

I created a new Trading System called CCI(10).
See attached.

Basically it's defined as:
CCI(10) crossed above 100
and CCI(10) 1 day ago was below 100 for the last 5 days

It's confusing when you read the statement it creates.
It's saying CCI(10) of yesterday is less than 100 of today.
The "of today" is not necessary in this example.

Hope this helps. I'll have more information as I make progress.

Thanks for your hard work on this.