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Hi Stockalyze team,

Thanks for fixing the tiny tool problem. Unfortunately, working through remote desktop won't be possible for me. Anyway, thanks for your concern.


First, let me thank you for creating such a clutter-free and clean stock technical analysis software. I really liked it. But two issues are stopping me from using this software.


In Full HD display toolbar buttons are tiny!!! It is so small that it is impossible to use! So there is no way I can use the software. At least create some keyboard short cut or have some option to increase the size of toolbar buttons (both top and sidebar).

Currently, there is no way I can work through a proxy connection.  In a proxy network when I want to create a chart, it does not even show a message box that it does not work in a proxy network. It simply becomes non-responding!!! In a future version, please add internet proxy setting.

Thank you so much for letting us give our feedback.