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this is the 3rd monday in a row that TQQQ will not update. Tues morning it worked just fine. It uploads raw data with no indicators.  I then click refresh and nothing happens. On tuesday, today, it uploaded the data including today. ( I have a trmplet I apply when usng the data.) I do not savr the chart.
On mondays I can open any other stock that was not used by me before on friday and it opens correctly. (I use yahoo)
Last week I completely uninstalled the progran and reinstalled it later in the day.
i still did not work on monday, for TQQQ.
I would br glad to provide any assistace I can, please  let me know.
If I apply a templrt it duplicates the indicators again. (3 to start with then 6 then 9, etc each time I apply the samr template)


The reset button does nothing. (price will not update fron friday. now monday)
I would like a save icon or auto save upon closing setting.
Then when opening Stockalyze  a setting or icon that restarts the  last saved settings.
As for me this would be a nice feature

Also I like the program, Good job.
There is a program problem. TQQQ on the NASDAQ still only updates to last Friday. As per your email to me last week. Checked it just now. It still doed not  update to the 25th

Keith Zornes
General Discussion / Data ownload
June 24, 2020, 10:33:25 AM
I am using the free model and like it. The one problem I have is when downloading a stocks data it does not load todats data and on tuesdays during the day it will also not download mondayd data.

Before I purchase the program I need to know it that is on purpose or a design flaw that also is carried forward in the purchased software.

Otherwist I do like Stockalyze.

Thank you
Keith Zornes
Feature & Enhancement Requests / McClellan oscilatter
December 15, 2019, 08:59:07 PM
The McClellan oscillator is  a great oscillator for predicting bottoms and I would like for you to add it to this software. Thanks
Is there a way to use the chart in line mode yet add a high and low line form the day. A typical ohlc chart does ot use lines but bars.
I like your software. But in order for it to be of valer to me  I need to know how to add a moving average value  to an average true range value and displat the result over the stock line chart. Can it beb done? I am writeig a book and would like to use your software in the book. I curently use Metastock  myself but I would like a cheaper solutuon than Metastock
Keith Zornes