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Hi Sacha good afternoon. I have tested and It is perfectly working.
It does not not import duplicated files anymore and the exit of the trades in % are there.

Following a few other questions:
- I believe that you are still thinking at how or when you are going to implement the functionalities that I told you about day trading. Am I right?
- Do you have de VWAP indicator in stockalyze? I could not find It.
- I have tried to simulate a specific setup but I don't have the full version. But I would like to know If it is possible. Follow below the setup:
     - Buy or sell If the second candle of the day goes up or down the High or Low of the previous candle (the first of the day).
     - Target: the percentual that is already in the tool.
     - Loss: One tick higher or lower of the first bar.
     - If the loss is hit the trade will be executed again in the opposite direction.


Sacha, thank you for your answers. I know that my suggestions will take some time to implement in the software but I know that doing that will make the software more robust to any market. Besides, we are testing it among in a trading room with more than 200 daytrades and, if the tools fits our needs you will have more potential customers.

QuoteThis is a nice suggestion and to be honest I myself wanted to have it. I will think of it and will do something about it, but it will take some time. In the meantime have you tried Signal Marker? Press Ctrl+4 in a chart and give the details. But yes it doesn't show exits because of stops.
Ctrl+4 is a nice to have. I didn't about it. But it is not robust enough. As an inspiration you can see the following video
from the wealth lab tool.

QuoteI could't understand this, please explain again.
It would be nice in daytrading to specify the period of time during the day that the trades will be executed. Example: from 9:30 to 16:00. The first trade will begin from 9:30 and beyond and all positions will be closed at 16:00 and nothing else will be executed. For example: The futures market in Brazil opens at 9:00 and closes at 18:00. At 9:00 the market is unstable and from 16:30 and beyond it loses liquidity.

QuoteImage is not clear
In attach a better image. File named: Stock4

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,

Hi Sacha good morning. Among with Gustavo and a few others Brazilian traders we are starting to test Stockalyze for the Brazilian market.

Here a few considerations.

1- Importing ASCII data.
When importing ASCII data it would be very important to be possible to visualize the data already imported to do some quality assurance.
For example: Menu: Data, Quote Editor, Select the Security, see the data already imported. After the data imported, even successfully and showing the correct chart, the table is empty. Example in the picture named: Stock1 in attach.

2- It would be important too, to be able to amend data. Why? The most reliable tool to trade im Brazil just export data for the last 3 months so, we should be able to amend data from time to time, creating a very long period reliable database.

3- When we run a backtesting it would be important to see in the report, and not only see, navigate too, the chart with all entries and exits, so we can visualize the executed trades and see how we can optimize it. Example in the picture named: Stock2 in attach.

4- In creating a new strategy specially for daytrading it would be very important to:
- Have fields to specify:
     - From time to time that que are going to trade;
     - specify a target in the trading in points, ticks, or in % variation; and a loss too.
     - How many trades maximum to be executed at the day;
     - Be able to set a stop loss in the low or high of the last/previous candle and to enter in the trade in the low or high of the last/previous candle.
     - Be able to reverse the position en case of a stop loss.

5- I do no why but after a some ASCII importation tests, the data in the security is getting duplicated. Even if I delete the securities, when I do a new importation It comes up again. Example in the picture named: Stock3 in attach.

Kind regards,

Fernando Tulio.
If I click register it appear the following message.

Please make your first post using any of the feedback buttons available on main window of Stockalyze.

You will automatically get registered.

And I can't find those feedback buttons.