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I have been using your system for a few years now.
It have improved ALOT in the last while...
- Intra day charts
- Updates during day work OK now!

HOWEVER, just a few things would make it alot more useful.
- draw a trend line on a chart to measure a from a high, to a low (for example)
-- bar count
-- price difference

Maybe just include this information on a specialized, or single existing tool only...

- Both Way Arrows Tool
-- include the bar count, and the percent of price, or price difference
-- for example
--- 19 bars / 1.00%
--- this could be the text above or below the Two Way Arrow

COPY and PASTE a trend line
- in the example above
-- I use the Two Way Arrow too to measure a from a low to a high
--- then I drag this line to make an estimate of where the market will be in price and time in the future

- if I could use copy/paste, its ALOT bettern, cause then I have the original line also
-- right now I have to draw it twice.

Just a couple of ideas of how to improv
Hello Sasha:

I see that Stockalyze has IMPROVED a lot in the last few months!  GOOD SHOW....

SO first question:

I have started a stock commentary website, which right now is totally free... In a year or two, I plan to charge a small monthly fee.

QUESTION:   Can I reuse your charts on my site as a screen print?  In other words, I want to show a specific stock and its short and long term price objectives.   I will take screen prints from your Stockalyze app and reuse them on my site.   IS THAT OK?


Second question:

Trend line on LOG price scale.

I have noticed that if you make a two point Ray line on a LOG scale price chart, then MOVE the trend line up, the angle of the line changes.

I am not sure if this behavior is correct or not, cause I have not thought about it.

IF you make the same two-point Ray line on a LINEAR scale price chart, and move the trend line up, the angle of the trend line does NOT change.

I have this program, StockAlyze Installed on one computer only!

I have had to reauthorize it every time it says Lite Mode, even though I only run it one one computer.

Now I am down to 1 count of 5!

You have to instll it as Administrator, which is OK, but I registered it as same on this compter.

I dont run under administrator, but a different ID, where I have isntalled is (down to 3)

Now on that same account today the program said there was something wrong with the registration and now I am down to 1 left!

Can you PLEASE reset this to 5 less 1 or 4 left cause I dont want to run out of count!