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General Discussion / id like to test RSI(2) periods
January 09, 2020, 07:42:37 AM
id like to teste RSI(2) periods, in stocks form USA and Brazil.

Where are the stocks? How can I find them?

I just saw RSI(14), so i cant test?
General Discussion / Backtesting questions
January 08, 2020, 05:50:51 PM

I am interested in purchasing your product but I have a few questions below:

1 - Is it possible to test candle-based strategies? For example, would I make a purchase if moving average 20 was below prices, and the candle in question has its lowest, lower than the previous two?

2 - Is it possible to do tests with the indicators? For example, when does the RSI reach level 25 make a purchase, and test for 5 years?

3 - What stock exchange can I test? Do I need to have the base, or do you provide? Because I would like to test, at first actions from Brazil, United States and Europe.

4 - How many indicators can I test with at the same time?

5 - Can I test with multiple stocks at the same time, or does it need to be one by one?