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I was able to add with the ticker "BRK-B".
I had some NYSE stocks (GRMN, DIS, CVX) in my watchlist few weeks ago. now they disappeared and when I try to add them again, they do not show up in United States stocks list, with Yahoo! as data provider and ALL exchanges selected. Even if I select NYSE exchange they do not show up.
Thank you for the fast response. As always.
I'm trying to add "BERK.B" from UNITED STATES in my watchlist. When I press the get quote, Stockalyze stops working and I have to close it in the task manager. I'm using Yahoo as quote provider. It didn't work also for "BERK.A".
Hi Sacha, I´m having the same problem. It has happened during some days each previous week. I´m using Yahoo for brazilian stocks. Today, July 14th, my charts are stuck at July 10th. Checked for AZUL4.SA last quote and downloaded the Yahoo file from Yahoo finance. It is updated there with closing values for July 14th (file annexed). The table on Stockalyze quote editor shows last value of July 10th.
It is the same for all stocks I have in the portfolio and watchlists.
My sw build version is Jan 22, 2020 and it says it is the last one.
Hi Sacha,
It looks ok to me. Indicators are shown in all charts and even when it changes the scale because of small series of data, it goes back to the template. Nice work and thenks.
I checked with the old version without chart embedded in the window, and the buy/sell marks appear in all charts when I double click the stock. In this new version, the buy/sell marks only appeared in the first stock of the portfolio. But if right click the chart it shows in the menu options considering the buy/sell marks. I tried once to add the buy/sell marks again and they they appeared over the chart. If I double click the stock list it also doesn't show the buy/sell marks, not following the chart template stored.
I think it's very important to follow the template stored, so this is my suggestion. I will keep the old version fo a while, but will be testing all new releases. 
Annex I'm sending the portfolio, the indicator and the chart template. By the way, some stocks in the portfolio and watchlists were added manually, since the SW didn't find them in Brazil Stock Exchange, even though I can see them using Yahoo.
Hello Sasha,
After the two last updates, the chart shown in the window changes it format erratically. The first two stocks in the portfolio use the chart templste stored and shows correctly. Then the next four does not show the buy/sell indicator. The sixth one shows them correctly again. Down the portfolio, the scale changes. Template is a 6M window and then it changes again.
I didn't have this problem in the beta versions I tested.
Yes Sacha, readjustability of the panes would make it very good.
Hi Sacha.
The idea is very good but It needs some improvement to be better than the current version.
The main thing is to adjust the chart to fit the area. I have my charts configured with indicators and buy/sell marks that fit the whole screen. In the new version I need to scroll drown the chart to see the indicators. It takes more clicks to see everything than the current version.
So, suggestions: to adjust the chart and be able to expand it to full screen if wanted, to visualize all details. Obviously, compress it back to the original size.
Congrats on the idea and the quality of the software.
Hi Sasha,
I discovered what is going on. The problem is that the watchlist I had in the first computer had some securities that I  added manually, because the name has changed. For example, CEOC11B become CEOC11, ALMI11B become ALMI11, etc. In the second computer I didn't add these securities manually, so the sw didn't find them and showed a reduced number of securities. I thought it was an old file because it showed the status before I added these securities manually.
So, I think the problem is why the list of securities does not show the new names, even though some have changed for more than 2 months? Will I have to input them manually in the second computer?
BTW, as a suggestion you should allow the location of the portfolio, watchlist and alert files to be changed in the preferences.  So if we put them in OneDrive, or google drive, it would sync automatically without the need of a cut/paste procedure.
I've been copying the files in '%appdata%\Lunetek\Stockalyze\' directory from my desktop to my notebook, but recently (build 2017-09-15) in the destination computer it keep restoring the old file.
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: Stop updating
September 19, 2017, 10:02:48 PM
It worked after installing the new version. I had checked the about and it said I had the latest version.
Thanks Sasha for your support, very good as always.
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: Stop updating
September 18, 2017, 07:26:44 PM
Sasha, I´m using the last version (lite, build 30/04/2017).
In my portfolio, the last date of the quotes are Sep 12. The stocks are EMBR3, BRKM5, ITUB4,ITSA4, LEVE3,SAPR4,...
In one watchlist the dates are different for each quote (. For example ALMI11 is Apr 28, HGRE11 and RNGO11 are Aug 25, CNES11 is Apr 20.
In another watchlist, all stocks have the quotes dated of Aug 28. The stocks are for example, BRFS3, BRPR3, CSAN3, CGAS5, ECOR3.
I can´t find a pattern why the dates vary among the portfolio and watchlist and why they do not show today´s quote.