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General Discussion / Re: Backtest difficulty
November 15, 2019, 09:26:33 PM
Hi Fernando,
In Lite Mode you can only use few selected Trading Systems and you can define your own Trading System but will not be able to save it. The Trading Systems that can be used in Lite Mode have yellow background in the list of all Trading Systems. You can use them to evaluate Stockalyze.

QuoteIs it possible to backtest with the Beta?
Stockalyze in Beta is exactly same as official release version. It is just that it is under rigorous testing before release. And there is no other difference.

Please let me know if you need any help.
QuoteCan we have a method of filter by direction of moving avarege and/or position relative another moving avarege?
If I have understood your question correctly then answer is yes you can. You need to define condition in Trading System where you use greater than (or less than) between two moving averages or between values on different days of same moving average. See the attached image.
Please let me know if this is what you wanted or it was something else.
General Discussion / Re: Lite Vs Pro Mode
November 15, 2019, 02:51:52 AM
Lite mode has all the features just that they are limited. Like you can only have one intraday chart at a time. You cannot draw all kinds of annotations on chart. You can backtest and scan stocks but not all Trading Systems are available. You can create Trading Systems but you cannot save it; you can get a feel about how to define Trading Systems and if it looks like a thing that you want then you can decide to use Pro Mode. I am not listing everything here but I hope you get a point.
Can you share the detail, like a screenshot of Backtest Trading Systems dialog with all fields filled will be helpful in understanding when your problem occurs. Rest assured it will be resolved.

Hi Fernando, Gustavo and friends,
Thanks for your detailed query. Below are my responses.

Quote1- Importing ASCII data.
When importing ASCII data it would be very important to be possible to visualize the data already imported to do some quality assurance.
For example: Menu: Data, Quote Editor, Select the Security, see the data already imported. After the data imported, even successfully and showing the correct chart, the table is empty. Example in the picture named: Stock1 in attach.
We are aware Quote Editor needs improvement. But it is also not at all needed for ASCII data. I will explain. For quality assurance you can see the sample data in the ASCII Data import dialog itself and verify if that is correct.

Quote2- It would be important too, to be able to amend data. Why? The most reliable tool to trade im Brazil just export data for the last 3 months so, we should be able to amend data from time to time, creating a very long period reliable database.
It is already there and seamless :). When your ASCII file changes and you create a chart of that security or refresh an existing chart, any change in the ASCII file is automatically imported again. So, you can actually change or amend data into ASCII file and Stockalyze will pick the changes. That's why I said you don't need Quote Editor for ASCII data, use ASCII file as your Quote Editor.

Quote3- When we run a backtesting it would be important to see in the report, and not only see, navigate too, the chart with all entries and exits, so we can visualize the executed trades and see how we can optimize it. Example in the picture named: Stock2 in attach.
This is a nice suggestion and to be honest I myself wanted to have it. I will think of it and will do something about it, but it will take some time. In the meantime have you tried Signal Marker? Press Ctrl+4 in a chart and give the details. But yes it doesn't show exits because of stops.

Quote4- In creating a new strategy specially for daytrading it would be very important to:
- Have fields to specify:
     - From time to time that que are going to trade;
I could't understand this, please explain again.

     - specify a target in the trading in points, ticks, or in % variation; and a loss too.
This is already added in new beta update. Please install beta again. Stockalyze already had Stop Loss, and Stop Drawdown. Now it also has Stop at Target and Stop after fixed number of candles. See attached backtest-stops.png. Please give it a try and let me know if it what you wanted.

     - How many trades maximum to be executed at the day;
OK. I will give a thought on this.

    - Be able to set a stop loss in the low or high of the last/previous candle and to enter in the trade in the low or high of the last/previous candle.
You can already specify on which price you want to Buy/Sell. Have a look at Trade section in Backtest Trading Systems dialog. See attached image backtest-specify-trade-prices.png. For stops let me think about it.

     - Be able to reverse the position en case of a stop loss.
As of now Stockalyze only backtest long positions. We will add backtesting of Short positions too and then only reversing the position will be applicable. We will work on this.

Quote5- I do no why but after a some ASCII importation tests, the data in the security is getting duplicated. Even if I delete the securities, when I do a new importation It comes up again. Example in the picture named: Stock3 in attach.
Image is not clear, I cannot see anything at all. Please post higher resolution image.
One thing to note is that ASCII Data import (or for that matter even Metastock import) is NOT one time import. Stockalyze remembers the details of the imports and keeps updating it's data whenever there is a need. Data imports are surely about import but it is also about setting up a data-source (similar to Yahoo or Alphavantage) that Stockalyze looks upto when it thinks there might be new data. Also, the actual import of data only happens when the data is needed. If you just completed the ASCII data import dialog then no data actually gets imported. It happens only when you create a chart or do backtesting or other thing that needs data. Sorry for long explanation but I think it clarifies it.

Once again I thank you for your detail query and I will be happy to help you.
What you did is precisely the way to get registered. We had to do it to control spammers. It was hell before we introduced this mechanism.

Please go ahead and ask your question. I will be happy to help you.
General Discussion / Re: Charts and data is wrong
November 13, 2019, 07:48:05 PM
Thanks for liking backtest tool.

Regarding chart data I see no difference with what yahoo finance shows. Please see the attached image from yahoo chart. The values are exactly what Stockalyze also shows.

General Discussion / Re: I deleted the toolbar
November 13, 2019, 07:39:02 PM
QuoteI bought the program these days. Very good by the way!
Thank you very much.

QuoteBut I ended up deleting the toolbars and drawings. How do I get them back on?
I will add a way to get them back. But if you install newer update it always gets reset. As of now the new update is beta update which I just released. You can install that and your toolbars will be back.

QuoteAnother question, how can I measure in value and percentage the distance of two prices?
As of now there is no measurement tool. I may think of adding it if more similar request comes our way.

Quotesorry my bad english..
Same here. :) I am not a native English speaker myself. I couldn't find any "bad" in your English.

In new beta update you can now also close positions when either target is achieved, or after fixed amount of time, apart from already existing stop loss and stop drawdown. I have attached image of new backtest dialog. Please give it a try.
General Discussion / Re: Close by time
November 13, 2019, 07:18:02 PM
In new beta update you can now also close positions when either target is achieved, or after fixed amount of time, apart from already existing stop loss and stop drawdown. I hope it will work equally good. I have attached image of new backtest dialog. Please give it a try.
General Discussion / Re: sell if price is 1% higher
November 13, 2019, 07:16:04 PM
In new beta update you can now also close positions when either target is achieved, or after fixed amount of time, apart from already existing stop loss and stop drawdown. I have attached image of new backtest dialog. Please give it a try.
News and Updates / Re: ASCII data import in Stockalyze
November 13, 2019, 02:03:43 PM
Hmmm. I can understand. I will focus on improvement of reading Metastock data. As of now it reads EoD data pretty well. Intraday day has different format and I haven't spent time on that. I will work on it soon.
News and Updates / ASCII data import in Stockalyze
November 13, 2019, 01:49:50 AM
Stockalyze with new update is now beta. You can download beta version from here. Followings are the new entrants into Stockalyze:

  • Many new time frames (i.e. chart periodicity): 10 minutes, 2 hr, 3 hr, and 4 hr chart periods are now possible.
  • ASCII data import: Now import ASCII data in CSV format and use that in Stockalyze.
  • Metastock data import: While Stockalyze supported Metastock data earlier too but now it is more streamlined as another data source. With this update you can use all data sources like Yahoo, Tiingo, Alphavantage, ASCII data source, and metastock data sources simultaneously.
  • Many bug fixes and improvements: Many issues reported by users and found internally have been resolved and fixed and some improvements have also been made.

Documentation of above features are still in the making but I hope it is easily discoverable and can be used.

I have made a demonstration video to explain how to import ascii data into Stockalyze. I hope it will be helpful in understanding how to use this feature.

Wish you happy Stock Analysis using Stockalyze.
General Discussion / Re: Stockalyze in Português
November 12, 2019, 06:53:42 PM
Sorry, Stockalyze as of now is only in English.
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: Perpetual License
November 11, 2019, 09:06:29 PM
You need to activate to make Stockalyze run in Pro Mode.
You can do that by going into "Help->Register Stockalyze". More information can be found here: