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Hi Tony,
Everything is well now. Thank you.
I am aware about some of these issues and some are new. I will fix them soon and let you know.

General Discussion / Re: what does 5 licenses mean
September 09, 2019, 01:28:11 AM
I am glad you are considering purchase of Pro version. Stockalyze is very affordable solution that I created so that more people get access to technical analysis software at free and affordable cost. So, sorry there is no offer as of now.

Stockalyze downloads data from Yahoo!, Tiingo, and AlphaVantage. These data are for personal use and shouldn't be distributed. I will suggest you to read the term and condition of these data providers if you want it to use outside of Stockalyze.

5 licenses mean you can use Stockalyze in Pro Mode in 5 computers with a single purchase. This is to make life hassle free in case you change your computer or you have multiple computer of your own.
It should actually not happen. Please try registering again. If that doesn't solve the problem then let me know.
I am glad to inform Stockalyze users that latest and brightest Stockalyze with intraday charting is now out of the door.
To use intraday chart you will need to setup Alphavantage API token which is free and easy to do. Just try creating intraday chart and follow the user interface. I will post more information about it in coming days.

If you had purchased Stockalyze Perpetual (any version) within last 3 years of new release then you can use this version without limitation.

If you had purchased before that then also you can use it without limitation except intraday charting.

Wish you happy Stockalyzing,
As of now it is not possible to do addition or subtraction on indicator values. But if you really want, it can be added. Your little patience will be required and I can give you an update with this feature in few days.
Please let me know if you would like to beta test this feature.

Setting up AlphaVantage is easy. I will add an enlightening video for that but we do have a video for setting up another data provider Tiingo. AlphaVantage setup is almost identical. You can see the enlightening video for setting up Tiingo here. It will be helpful for setting up AlphaVantage too.

Use of AlphaVantage (as well as Tiingo) is free with limitation. The limitation is about how much data you can download. For example AlphaVantage allows data for only 5 stocks within a minute. Stockalyze has built-in mechanism to give best experience with this limitation. You can give it a try. If you want you can upgrade the AlphaVantage subscription to remove the limitation.

We are planning to release the next version very soon (without intraday-backtest and intraday-alert). But son after the release we will add these features.

New update of Stockalyze is closer to it's release. This new release will have intraday charting (aka realtime charting). We are pleased to announce that intraday charting is now in pre-release. Please download this latest version and give it a try.
Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

Thanks and regards,
Hi Irwan,
I completely forgot to respond to this.
If you haven't found it yet you can follow to know how to change Database in Stockalyze.

Please let me know if you need any help.
You need to select country as INDIA in symbol selection dialog. For Nifty type ^NSEI in search box.
Please let me know if you need any help.

Can you please give more details? Which stock you were trying to plot chart for?
Is it only during chart creation?
If it is reproducible then I would like to see it myself and I assure you it will be solved.
Please let me know the details.

Hi Tony,
Sorry for late reply. I was on a very long travel and so I couldn't work on it. My apologies. Fortunately my journey has ended and I hope I will respond quickly.

I investigated it and there was indeed an issue. It depends on time zone you are in. I have now fixed it but it is available with beta version, you can give it a try and let me know if it works fine.

Your Kind Words / Re: Stockalyze made me happy
August 08, 2019, 08:16:09 AM
I am glad to see new happy users.

Keep Stockalyzing :)
Hi Raj,
Sorry for late response because I have been travelling for long.
Unfortunately the documentation in this regard was lacking but now I have updated it. You can go to to know how to find Stockalyze History Database file.

Please let me know if you have any more question.
I have bumped up your maximum allowed license count to 10. Please try again. You already had 8 licenses so it was bumped earlier too. But never mind please try again and let me know if you face any problem.
Sorry for late reply, I am travelling and so the delay.

Yahoo doesn't support realtime. As of now only Alphavantage can be used for intraday data. And the data is realtime without delay. You can plot 1min, 2min, 3min, 5min, 15min, 30min, and 60min intraday chart.

Backtest and alerts on intraday data are not supported yet but will soon be added.

Intraday will work for you if you had bought Stockalyze within last one year.