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Unfortunately import/export of Watchlist or portfolio is not possible directly in Stockalyze.

But, if you can device a means to create portfolios.xml and watchlists.xml files for the data you have then Stockalyze can use them.
You can go to "%appdata%\Lunetek Software\Stockalyze" and notice that there are portfolios.xml and watchlists.xml files present. If you had created a watchlist or portfolio then these files will not be empty. You can see these files contain data in simple format. If you can convert your data from excel into these formats then Stockalyze can use them. Be reminded that it is only advised if you are technical person and understand xml format.

Please let me know if you need anymore help.

Looks like the problem is that Alphavantage doesn't support NSE. If you want to confirm you can do this ->
Copy paste the below URL into your browsers address bar and hit Enter, but also make sure you have provided your API key, check the text in bold in the URL written below.

You will see almost an empty page.
But if you do the same for SBIN.BO then you will notice that a csv file gets downloaded.

I hope I have explained you the reason. Please let me know if you need any help.
General Discussion / Re: scan stock
June 15, 2020, 10:25:05 PM
Stockalyze uses local time. If you live in same timezone as the timezone of stock exchange then the time used in price data in Stockalyze is exactly same as time of price data of exchange. Otherwise, time is converted to your local time.
I hope am clear here. Please let me know if I need to explain it in more detail.
General Discussion / Re: YAHOO FINANCE - JAPAN
June 15, 2020, 10:18:33 PM
I will be glad to add it to Stockalyze. Do you have a list of yahoo stock symbols for Japanese stocks?
General Discussion / Re: Backtest Forex
June 15, 2020, 10:17:10 PM
I am sorry but forex is not directly supported in Stockalyze as of now.
QuoteHow do I remove any line study in Stockalyze ?

When you hover mouse cursor on any annotation, e.g. line study, you will notice that cursor turns black arrow. Then click on it and then hit Delete button on your keyboard.

QuoteAlso if I select parallel lines, how do I stop it after the first set of lines?

You can hit Esc button on keyboard to stop drawing any more parallel lines.
I can certainly help you with that.

Regarding data, Stockalyze downloads from Yahoo and other data providers. If those data providers have wrong data Stockalyze can't do anything about that. For this reason Stockalyze also has features to use ASCII data and MetaStock format data. So, if you have a mechanism to get data from any other source then you can make use of that in Stockalyze. Let me know if you need help in that.

Regarding problem with backtesting, please let me know what exact problem you are facing, which system you used and how it behaved differently than expected.

It can happen if scanner doesn't find any result. Are you sure scanner must have found some results based on the Trading System you used?
General Discussion / Re: TRADE : \
June 11, 2020, 12:44:11 AM
Normally when signal occurs the trade can only happen on next candle (or day for Eod chart). But if you think you can manage to trade on the same candle on which signal occurs then you can check this. Otherwise backtesting will trade on next candle.

Please let me know if you still need clarification.
General Discussion / Re: Daytrade
June 11, 2020, 12:40:04 AM
As of now there is no way to close the position automatically at the end of the day. But it would be easy to do in Stockalyze if is wanted to close the existing position at the end of the day with the closing price.

Please let me know if this will solve your problem.

Feature & Enhancement Requests / Re: TOKYO
June 11, 2020, 12:36:44 AM
I don't think Yahoo or Alphavantage supports stocks from Tokyo Stock Exchange.
But if you can supply data in ASCII or MetaStock format then Stockalyze can be used with them.

Please let me know if this doesn't answer your question.
General Discussion / Re: Windows XP
June 11, 2020, 12:27:57 AM
Sorry, Windows XP is no longer supporter. It is too old an OS and very few people use it. So, we cannot spend effort in making Stockalyze run on Windows XP. I hope you understand.

General Discussion / Re: data provider
June 11, 2020, 12:25:11 AM
Built-in data provider Alphavantage can be used. Also, Stockalyze supports ASCII (i.e. text files) and Metastock formats too. So, if you have data on your system in ASCII or metastock formats then they too can be used.

Please let me know if you need any help.
General Discussion / Re: GOOGLE FINANCE
June 11, 2020, 12:19:34 AM
Stockalyze used to have Google Finance as one of the data provider but google finance had stopped data download long back. You cannot even download data from google finance manually. So, Stockalyze too cannot have it.
It's a nice suggestion. We can think about it. But to be honest, as of now lots of improvements are in pipeline.

We may think of adding it in future.