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Hi Jean -Luc,
Many thanks for your patience.

I have implemented all of this and you can use them in latest build which is now beta. Please download it from here and let me know if this is what you wanted.

General Discussion / Re: Data ownload
June 24, 2020, 12:46:25 PM
There is no difference between Lite and Pro version as far as data download is concerned.
When you see data is not updated in Stockalyze then most likely case is that the latest data is not available at the data source.
You have have noticed that Stockalyze downloads data from third party data providers like Yahoo, Alphavantage, Tiingo, etc. If the data is there at the source Stockalyze will fetch it and make it available.
If you come across a case where Stockalyze doesn't show updated data even when the chosen data provider has updated it then only it is the problem of Stockalyze.
I am planning to make it easier to do this check by the user.
If you see data not updated you can let me know the exact symbol and country then I will try to see it myself.
Sorry for replying late on this.

Thanks you for reporting it.
I have now fixed it and also added thousand separators. Hopefully we will soon have an update with these changes.

Yes, Indian market too is supported. Just give it a try. Did you face any problem?
Sorry for missing to reply.

"Chandelier Exit" is something that you can define yourself. I know documentation for this feature is missing but I hope I will do that one day.

I will add "Relative Vigor Index" soon. I will let you know when it is done.
General Discussion / Re: YAHOO FINANCE - JAPAN
June 23, 2020, 01:44:47 PM
I get it. But scrapping this page is a bit tedious. Do you have a list in plain format? In that case adding that to Stockalyze will be very easy for me.
General Discussion / Re: Tiingo intraday data
June 20, 2020, 02:47:43 AM
Not sure if Tiingo provides realtime data but you can integrate your own data provider. Stockalyze supports importing ASCII data and MetaStock data and they work as data source. So, if you can do a setup where you can create ASCII or Metastock data then you will have Stockalyze using your data.

Please let me know if you need any help regarding this. I will be glad to help you.
Sorry, this handy feature is missing.
Thanks for coming with this suggestion. I will try to make it part of Stockalyze.
General Discussion / Re: YAHOO FINANCE - JAPAN
June 18, 2020, 12:10:11 AM
Can you please send me the exact link?
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: setup alarm
June 18, 2020, 12:09:17 AM
Hmmm. Good question. It is not available now. But I will think of adding this feature. I can understand it can be very frustrating to add same alert to all stocks.
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: backup
June 17, 2020, 02:40:14 AM
I guess you are talking about Watchlist and Portfolio. You can do it manually. You can copy portfolios.xml and watchlists.xml from "%appdata%\Lunetek Software\Stockalyze" to somewhere else. You can later replace it.

Be reminded that Stockalyze reads these files on startup and saves the data while exiting. This will soon change, you will have option to save them when you make a change.
Unfortunately import/export of Watchlist or portfolio is not possible directly in Stockalyze.

But, if you can device a means to create portfolios.xml and watchlists.xml files for the data you have then Stockalyze can use them.
You can go to "%appdata%\Lunetek Software\Stockalyze" and notice that there are portfolios.xml and watchlists.xml files present. If you had created a watchlist or portfolio then these files will not be empty. You can see these files contain data in simple format. If you can convert your data from excel into these formats then Stockalyze can use them. Be reminded that it is only advised if you are technical person and understand xml format.

Please let me know if you need anymore help.

Looks like the problem is that Alphavantage doesn't support NSE. If you want to confirm you can do this ->
Copy paste the below URL into your browsers address bar and hit Enter, but also make sure you have provided your API key, check the text in bold in the URL written below.

You will see almost an empty page.
But if you do the same for SBIN.BO then you will notice that a csv file gets downloaded.

I hope I have explained you the reason. Please let me know if you need any help.
General Discussion / Re: scan stock
June 15, 2020, 10:25:05 PM
Stockalyze uses local time. If you live in same timezone as the timezone of stock exchange then the time used in price data in Stockalyze is exactly same as time of price data of exchange. Otherwise, time is converted to your local time.
I hope am clear here. Please let me know if I need to explain it in more detail.
General Discussion / Re: YAHOO FINANCE - JAPAN
June 15, 2020, 10:18:33 PM
I will be glad to add it to Stockalyze. Do you have a list of yahoo stock symbols for Japanese stocks?