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Any update on this
I have the similar problem. I checked Yahoo data. There it is update. But stockalyze is not fetching data. The problem appears to be with only some stocks and not all stocks. I've attached screenshots of one such stock
I often take notes in spreadsheets for most of the scrips I trade in. It would be easy for me, if I can open a chart with one click from spreadsheet. Now, all I can do from excel is to launch stockalyze. But that does not solve my problem completely.

It would be nice if you provede a facility to open a chart directly from command line

Ex:- Stockalyze.exe /scripname /exchange /datasource /charttemplate
Stockalyze.exe /infy /nse /google /template5
I personally take notes about each company I invest in. I am right now using separate spread sheets to take notes.

It would be a great feature if you can include a provision to take notes about Scrips.
Even better, if we can add website links, twitter handles, facebook pages, etc. about that particular Scrip also.
I've created alerts on some scrips using Google Data. Now for some reason, I switched to Yahoo Data. The alerts created earlier were there but not visible in the Portfolios and  Watchlists Screen. Now I've to create them again for all stocks in order to be visible in Portfolios and Watchlists Screen.
Thanks Sacha,

You pointed out my problem correctly. I saved the default template in Month mode without realising and all charts are coming Monthly.

Thanks again
Hi, I am also facing the same issue. Is the issue resolved?

In my case, the chart is showing data of 1st of every month only. It is not showing any other dates. I've checked the Quote Editor and the data is there for all dates. But chart is showing only 1 day per month.
Feature & Enhancement Requests / Make Alerts Sortable
October 14, 2017, 11:18:00 PM
Hi, I am using alerts to create stock alerts based on Trading Systems. By default the alerts are sorted based on scrip. And there is no option to sort the alerts in any other way, say by when the alert is raised (date). In the Backtesting Report, the results can be sorted by clicking on Column Header. Similar option can be provided here.

Personally, I would like to be able to Sort by Scrip, Trading System, Recommendation (Buy / Sell), and most importantly by Date. Please make the alerts sortable.
I find the Back testing Feature very useful. The report is giving Wins, Losses. I would like to select the Backtesting systems based on Win Loss Ratio (No. of Wins / No. of Losses).

Can you please add a column to give the Win Loss Ratio
When I am trying to remove multiple alert settings, the software is freezig and closing. The alerts are removed. But again I have to restart my work. I am using windows 10, if that matters.

Also it would be a good idea to enable a keyboard shortcut (Del button) to remove alerts and alert settings.
The features of Stockalyze are simply good. No other word to say it.

By default Stockalyze is giving 52week charts. If I want to analyze stocks for a longer time, it is not providing the Data. I trade in Indian Stocks and before making any significant investments, I would like to see the past trends. So, I would like to see chart for a longer period may be 5 years or even life long. I tried looking all options, but I could not find such an option. Am I missing something.

Keep up the good work.