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how to get overall stocks back testing and buy and sell signal

Started by SATISH, September 13, 2017, 10:41:27 AM

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hi sir iam using EOD data but i dont know how to get the from EOD Data   Buy and Sell signal at a time all stocks. i tried to check one by one only it is very but not selected all stocks at at time , how to get the all stock at a time selcet the buy and sell sighnal from the data how to use sir, more voer is there any live data avial to the NSE  AND BSE  STOCKS  Without dely live is  if avail plse tell me and  send me sir proceses how to get live data For INDIAN STOCK MARKET . Becouse of our software  is very good and working well    


If I understand your problem correctly, you probably need to use 'Find Stock Ideas'. You will be able to find stocks for which buy/sell signals have been generated.
Regarding real-time data, we are working on in and in next version of Stockalyze we will have this working.
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