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Can not get data from Yahoo(HKG) since 2017-May-15, and Google(HKG) since 2017 Sep 12

Started by KC, September 16, 2017, 12:37:48 AM

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It is finding that there is no new update data from Yahoo(HKG) since 2017-May-15, and Google(HKG) since 2017 Sep 12.

Can LuneTek Stockalyze add a function to allow user to import stock data (csv format) to Stockalyze? So user can create chart although it cannot get stock data from WEB.


Please install the latest version. There was some change in Google finance website and so the problem started. We have done the similar change and it should work.
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Stockalyze with new update is now beta. You can download beta version from here. Followings are the new entrants into Stockalyze:

  • Many new time frames (i.e. chart periodicity): 10 minutes, 2 hr, 3 hr, and 4 hr chart periods are now possible.
  • ASCII data import: Now import ASCII data in CSV format and use that in Stockalyze.
  • Metastock data import: While Stockalyze supported Metastock data earlier too but now it is more streamlined as another data source. With this update you can use all data sources like Yahoo, Tiingo, Alphavantage, ASCII data source, and metastock data sources simultaneously.
  • Many bug fixes and improvements: Many issues reported by users and found internally have been resolved and fixed and some improvements have also been made.

Documentation of above features are still in the making but I hope it is easily discoverable and can be used.

It will be great if you can provide your feedback as the new additions contain your requested feature/improvements too.

Happy Stockalyzing.
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