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Transfering portfolio and watchlists to another computer

Started by Mauricio, September 20, 2017, 07:41:26 PM

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I've been copying the files in '%appdata%\Lunetek\Stockalyze\' directory from my desktop to my notebook, but recently (build 2017-09-15) in the destination computer it keep restoring the old file.


Make sure Stockalyze is not running when you copy files.
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Hi Sasha,
I discovered what is going on. The problem is that the watchlist I had in the first computer had some securities that I  added manually, because the name has changed. For example, CEOC11B become CEOC11, ALMI11B become ALMI11, etc. In the second computer I didn't add these securities manually, so the sw didn't find them and showed a reduced number of securities. I thought it was an old file because it showed the status before I added these securities manually.
So, I think the problem is why the list of securities does not show the new names, even though some have changed for more than 2 months? Will I have to input them manually in the second computer?
BTW, as a suggestion you should allow the location of the portfolio, watchlist and alert files to be changed in the preferences.  So if we put them in OneDrive, or google drive, it would sync automatically without the need of a cut/paste procedure.