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How to Refresh/Update historical data

Started by Tony, May 22, 2018, 12:35:27 PM

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What is the correct way to have Stockalyze refresh/update the historical tables?
Does it mass update when Stockalyze is opened/launched?
Does it check the date of last data when you display a chart?
I had a ticker (QHC) that had wrong numbers in the historical data. After using the Quote Editor to delete the May 18 data, and I noticed the May 21 and May 22 data were missing. I couldn't figure out how to get Stockalyze to update the data. Once I displayed a chart of the ticker, it updated, and updated the portfolio data correctly, is this how to do it?



Stockalyze seamlessly updates data when it is accessed. Creating chart is not the only way but any thing that needs data usage triggers an update. If you open portfolio then also data is updated. For better experience data is updated lazily in most case. For example if you open portfolio then existing data is used to show portfolio value but it also triggers data update in background. When new data is received then portfolio is updated. When you create chart then data is first updated then chart is shown. So, you can say creating chart ensures data is updated for sure because lazy way for updating may take some unknown amount of time. But in reality that is not the case and they should be updated pretty quickly.
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