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Started by Sharad, June 25, 2018, 11:35:20 PM

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As of now (26-06-2018, 9:02 am, Pune, Maharashtra, India) the last candle for any stock is dated
 22-06-2018..... There is no candle showing data for 25-06-2018.
This is true of Old as well as New version.


Stockalyze depends on data from Yahoo and Google, if the data on Google or Yahoo are not updated Stockalyze cannot show updated data.
If you are using Google symbol you can try using Yahoo symbol or vice versa.

We are planning to release data downloader SDK which can be used to add country and exchange specific plugins so that Stockalyze will use data directly from exchange. By any chance if you are programmer would you like to try that SDK?

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