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I am having problem

Started by Tom, June 28, 2018, 08:55:59 PM

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I have had a problem for around a week now with Stockalyze only operating in lite mode though I purchased a licence in January 2017. I have sent several messages to you. I appeared to get no response though eventually I did get 2 messages from you to my other email address saying you had replied so check spam/trash etc.
It would have been sensible if the suggested solution was included in these emails rather than just referring me to a previously sent message from you.
In any event, I never got the supposed solution- providing emails despite checking trash/spam etc. I emailed you advising of this non-receipt.
I am sending this message with the email address I suggested you use when I sent my last message ( to which I don't seem to have gotten a reply) so please use
rather than the email I used when I first registered the product

I have cut and pasted relevant text below from an earlier email describing the problem

I have had a full registration sin


Hi Tom,
I have sent response to all your emails sadly only one reached you. I am copying response below that I had last sent:
QuoteI am surprised. Anyways I have copied my response below, and sorry for all the hassle:

Please download afresh and try again.

I have also copied your license for new version. You are now eligible for new version of Stockalyze too without any charge.

Please try again and let me know if you face any problem.
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On 27-06-2018 09:45, Tom Minto wrote:
> Thank you for your reply.
> I normallly use Thunderbird for my email which I checked for spam/trash etc and also checked webmail with no sign of your previous response even though I did get  your message as below.
> Could you please send your response to my alternative email namely
> Thanks very much.

One thing I realize is that I didn't send you email to your gmail account, I missed reading that line. I hope you will now be able to use Stockalyze in Pro mode.

Please don't hesitate to ask again if you need help.

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