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New update with new data provider

Started by Sacha, August 26, 2018, 02:09:30 PM

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For quite some time some Stockalyze users were facing problems of data not getting updated. The reason was that Google had stopped it's free data service.
We have now retired Google data downloader and have added alpha-vantage as new data downloader.
So, as of now Stockalyze has Yahoo and AlphaVantage as data providers.
It is highly recommended to update Stockalyze to newest version.
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Thanks Sacha, Great service!


Sacha, Thank you for the Great work ... Excellent service!



Would programming staff consider adding some more realtime api and allow for realtime data monitoring of our portfolios?
1. IB interactive brokers realtime api  TWS-APi.
You can start demo acct to make realtime work for you.
2. Iex Exchange Api..this changed on june 1st..but it is professional level api
3. api..also need to get demo acct and token
4. Esignal Api

Now pleas allow us a realtime grid to monitor our in trade portfolios so we can get mechanical exits and alerts
Also please consider a api interface to the data and grids so we can apply our own logic to the program for alerts, buys, sells, and mechanical systems.
Consider embedding a MONO csharp compiler and a Fortran we can use some codes we own in the indictors systems, and alerts.
Please add some sms texting alerts ...thanks.ric


As we talked off the forum that there might not be many takers of programming aspect of these suggestions. But, yes some of your suggestions are something that we will brainstorm to incorporate into Stockalyze. Will keep you updated on our decision.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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Hi Sacha,

i usualy use Metastock data for Stockalize, but now i want to try using Yahoo and AlphaVantage.

What do i have to do to change the data source? Do i have to download first the historical quotes from Yahoo and AlphaVantage?

Are documents available to set up Stockallize to use Yahoo and AlphaVantage?