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what does 5 licenses mean

Started by GS, September 08, 2019, 11:18:00 PM

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I would like to purchase  pro ver lifetime validity  , so is there any offer right now going on and 2 more query is there will you also provide all database free for lifetime  ? and what is the meaning of no. of licences 5 in pro ver so pls clarify as earliest possible.
Thank U


I am glad you are considering purchase of Pro version. Stockalyze is very affordable solution that I created so that more people get access to technical analysis software at free and affordable cost. So, sorry there is no offer as of now.

Stockalyze downloads data from Yahoo!, Tiingo, and AlphaVantage. These data are for personal use and shouldn't be distributed. I will suggest you to read the term and condition of these data providers if you want it to use outside of Stockalyze.

5 licenses mean you can use Stockalyze in Pro Mode in 5 computers with a single purchase. This is to make life hassle free in case you change your computer or you have multiple computer of your own.
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