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Regarding Missing Data

Started by GS, October 29, 2019, 10:08:59 AM

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I am using  National Stock Exchange (NSE ) india data from alphavantage but data of 27-10-2019 are missing for all symbols of nse, after 25-10-19 directly coming 29-10-19 so please solve this matter , becoz of one day data missing all chart prediction will wrong


As you know Stockalyze uses data from Yahoo!, Tiingo, or Alphavantage. If the data provider misses a record Stockalyze cannot do anything about it. You can check on Alphavantage website and download the data of your stock and see if it has same data as Stockalyze shows. If you find Stockalyze shows different data, which I very much doubt, then please let me know.
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