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Discount on Perpetual license & Always Free Update

Started by Bharat, November 01, 2019, 09:42:14 AM

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Dear Team,

I may be interested to buy perpetual license provided if I am getting Diwali discount offer and Always Free Update as I am paying.

1) Discount on $49.99 cost of perpetual license
2) Need Always Free Update as I am paying.
3) Support as and when some Technical/Update issues.

Please send your final offer in terms of Dollar & Indian Ruppes.

Bharat Desai


Dear Bharat,
Thanks for your interest in Stockalyze Pro Mode but I don't think the low cost of Stockalyze leaves any room for price negotiation, unless of course you want to buy volume license.

Software development is costly and cumbersome, lifetime free update of Pro Mode is something unheard of. Please let me know if you get free upgrade of paid software anywhere else. Do you get new version of operating system just because you had bought previous version? I will be interested in knowing an example of a software that you pay for and get unlimited upgrade.

Support is free and provided here on this Forum. You can go into the forum posts and see how support has been provided.

The price mentioned for each license is final. You can take time to decide. Lite Mode of Stockalyze is free and has all the features that are available in Pro Mode (with some limitations of course) and so evaluate it thoroughly before you make up your mind about purchase.

I hope you understand. Please let me know how I can help you further.
Stockalyze Support
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