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Started by C�sar, November 16, 2019, 08:41:23 AM

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Good morning!

I'm trying to create a system when the selling price is the high of the last two candles. I've created the assumptions but I think it is not right, once the selling value is alway the close value of the day when my signal was given (value of the day touches the high of the last two candles.)

Is it possible to fix it or find out what I've been doing wrong?

Thank you in advance


I am not very sure I got your query. What I understand is that you want the selling price to be highest of last 2 candles. But the selling price can only be something between low and high price of the day when trade executes. And latest Stockalyze already has a way to specify what kind of price you want the trade to execute at. Please see the attached image.

If you are asking for something else than please elaborate to question. Also, update your Stockalyze by downloading latest or our ongoing beta build, we have made many changes in backtesting and may be what you are asking for is already there.

Please let me know if I can help you in any other way.
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Hi, thank you for your answer, but I think I have not made myself clear.

About the buying price is clear for me.

For selling price: I want to seel my stock, when it reaches the same highest value of the last two days. For example: Yesterday the highest value was 5, the day before was 4,90, so my target is 5, and it moves with the time.

I have already done the strategy itself, but when my price reaches the highest value of the last 2 days, it starts a trigger to sell the stock at the same day in close, high or any other moment I determine in the print you showed me, but in fact I want to sell at the same value of the highest price of the last two days.

See attached the sell requirements.


QuoteI want to sell at the same value of the highest price of the last two days.
I now get your query. Sorry, this is not possible as of now. I am planning to allow writing strategies using python and then such things will be possible. But as of now you can try using high/close/etc. only.
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