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intraday time lag

Started by Bishnu, November 28, 2019, 01:10:46 AM

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please fix the time lag issue in intraday charts. i'mm attaching an example of 2hrs time lag screenshot in comparision with my brokerage house chart.


Stockalyze fetches data from AlphaVantage or ASCII data, or metastock data if you have configured those. So, it is outside of concern of Stockalyze if the data is delayed. I assume you are using Alphavantage data provider. You can see for yourself if Stockalyze is getting correct data from Alphavantage. In this case you can go to this alphavantage link and see if the data shown by Stockalyze is different than you downloaded with this link. If they differ than it is the issue of Stockalyze.
Please let me know what you see.
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