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New update with many improvements

Started by Sacha, December 16, 2019, 04:19:17 AM

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In past few updates of Stockalyze there are many improvements that have gone into Stockalyze. I did not mention them earlier and before I go on implementing more I would like to inform you about few of the things that have been added into Stockalyze recently.

  • Support for ASCII data source: Now use any ASCII data (text file, CSV file, etc.) as source in Stockalyze. This breaks the barrier and allows to use even more data sources. You can now create all sorts of charts and use all technical analysis tools like backtesting, stock screening, etc. on a ASCII data you download from any source.
  • Support for Metastock data source: Metastock format is popular data format and Stockalyze already had a support for it. Now the support of Metastock format is improved a lot in Stockalyze. It can be used for intraday data source as well.
  • Simultaneous use of multiple data sources: The new data sources like ASCII, and Metastock are just another data sources and can live side by side in Stockalyze with other data dources (Yahoo, Alphavantage, and Tiingo). So, now you can, for example, have a backtest running on Metastock data sources while you create charts using Yahoo data.
  • Multiple custom data sources: You can add as many ASCII, or Metastock data sources as you wish.
  • Many improvements in installer and uninstaller: First time installation and update installations were always faster but first launch after update used to be as slow as first launch after installation. Now, update installation and first launch all takes less than 20 seconds on typical PC. So, never hesitate in updating Stockalyze, it is very fast now. :)
  • Chart with relevant indicators when created from backtest or stock scanner report:It as annoying to manually add indicators on charts created from backtest report. Now when you create a chart from backtest or stock scanner report the chart comes loaded with all relevant indicators related to the concerned Trading System.
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes

I know some more suggested features are missing but they will be part of next update that will happen soon.
Thanks for your suggestions and please keep reporting issues and sending your suggestions.

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You are truly amazing at what you do to keep improving Stockalyze.

I'm always impressed by your improvements and openness to users ideas for improvements.

Thank you Sacha for all your efforts.



Thank you Tony for your kind words.  :)
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