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Backtesting questions

Started by Rafael, January 08, 2020, 05:50:51 PM

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I am interested in purchasing your product but I have a few questions below:

1 - Is it possible to test candle-based strategies? For example, would I make a purchase if moving average 20 was below prices, and the candle in question has its lowest, lower than the previous two?

2 - Is it possible to do tests with the indicators? For example, when does the RSI reach level 25 make a purchase, and test for 5 years?

3 - What stock exchange can I test? Do I need to have the base, or do you provide? Because I would like to test, at first actions from Brazil, United States and Europe.

4 - How many indicators can I test with at the same time?

5 - Can I test with multiple stocks at the same time, or does it need to be one by one?



The answers to all your questions is "yes". And you can even try most of what you asked here in the Lite Mode (free version) itself and then make up your mind if you need to buy Pro Mode license.
Stockalyze supports exchanges from as many as 40 countries and so it is usable from across the world. Again you can just give it a try and see if it has supports of the exchange you are interested in.
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