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realtime data streaming

Started by eric, January 20, 2020, 07:23:40 PM

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HI...during recent trading i noted the need to have a great portfolio monitoring tool.
I see where future plans are for realtime feed and interface to python or cpp.
Are any of these coming soon.
I have the source  codes in cpp, csharp and java and python for realtime datafeeds to:
IB brokers
IexExchange and others
I also have an old repository in csharp that has over 20 vendor data connectors.
So I see myself needing a way to follow my portfolio and receive audible, visible and sms texting alerts when something happens in the markets. So what is the possibility you guys can allow us a portfolio monitoring tool in the realtime stream soon? It really  is needed....If  you need some help on this feel free to contact me..eric


Hi Eric,
Stockalyze now have ability to read ASCII data and Metastock data. So, if you want to write a data feed to Stockalyze you can add ASCII data source to Stockalyze and update the ASCII data. If you have a chart open then time to time the change in data is checked and all portfolios, watchlists, and alert settings are notified about the change.
I think I will also add the ability to trigger the notification, without the chart being opened, when the ASCII file or Metastock data file is changed.

Please let me know if this is sufficient or you need something more.
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