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Started by Bill, March 18, 2020, 11:49:53 AM

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I downloaded all the stock symbols from the TSX and TMX as every file from yahoo was three years out of date.  These are saved as excel .csv files.  I cannot get them to import in the "Backtest" or "Scan Stocks" and I have tried all the providers.  Can you please assist in getting my .csv ticker file to work.



Sure. Can you post your list of symbols here, at-least first 10 lines? I want to see the format.

But if you tried importing the symbols from backtesting then you might have gotten an error dialog listing all the symbols that failed importing. You have to click on "Add these symbols provisionally". And then those symbols will get added provisionally meaning that if you use them for scanning/backtesting/creating chart then they will get added permanently.

Please try it if you need help please let me know.
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