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Backtest and data import problems for Brazilian stocks

Started by Edison, June 12, 2020, 01:37:56 PM

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I am facing difficulties in using the tool, mainly to perform backtests. The data imported from the Brazilian stock exchange is not correct and tests based on the setup I create are not performed. I await assistance if possible!


I can certainly help you with that.

Regarding data, Stockalyze downloads from Yahoo and other data providers. If those data providers have wrong data Stockalyze can't do anything about that. For this reason Stockalyze also has features to use ASCII data and MetaStock format data. So, if you have a mechanism to get data from any other source then you can make use of that in Stockalyze. Let me know if you need help in that.

Regarding problem with backtesting, please let me know what exact problem you are facing, which system you used and how it behaved differently than expected.

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