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Data ownload

Started by Keith, June 24, 2020, 10:33:25 AM

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I am using the free model and like it. The one problem I have is when downloading a stocks data it does not load todats data and on tuesdays during the day it will also not download mondayd data.

Before I purchase the program I need to know it that is on purpose or a design flaw that also is carried forward in the purchased software.

Otherwist I do like Stockalyze.

Thank you
Keith Zornes


There is no difference between Lite and Pro version as far as data download is concerned.
When you see data is not updated in Stockalyze then most likely case is that the latest data is not available at the data source.
You have have noticed that Stockalyze downloads data from third party data providers like Yahoo, Alphavantage, Tiingo, etc. If the data is there at the source Stockalyze will fetch it and make it available.
If you come across a case where Stockalyze doesn't show updated data even when the chosen data provider has updated it then only it is the problem of Stockalyze.
I am planning to make it easier to do this check by the user.
If you see data not updated you can let me know the exact symbol and country then I will try to see it myself.
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