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Sell Signal - RSI2

Started by Marcus, June 24, 2020, 04:08:33 PM

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Hello, I use the RSI-2 strategy to trade. The buy signal is when rsi2 is below 10, and the selling price is the highest price of the last 2 candles.

The problem is that the right point to sell in the backtest was supposed to be in the indicator MAX(2)[High] (which indicates the high of the last 2 periods). The program consider the selling point in the close of the candle that touched the MAX(2)[High].

I would like to know if there's a possibility to add a condition in wich the option "for sell use:" is an indicator (like MAX).



As you know this functionality is currently lacking. I am now trying to do many improvements in Stockalyze and this is one of them. I hope I will soon be able to inform you about availability of this feature in Stockalyze.
Please stay tuned. :)
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