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Can I define my own Trading System?

Started by Samuel, August 24, 2022, 10:04:24 PM

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I was thinking to pay for the licence. Before I was watching the video about back testing.

Back test is just based on built-in back test? It means that that comes with stocklyse? I can not program, do coding, and set up the test that I want? or it depends of the license?

for example, tradingview, I can code in PINE
PYTON for metratrader
and etc....

thank you and waiting for for answer,


Hi Samuel,
Using Stockalyze you can define your own Trading System and you don't need to program at all. Please take a look at this video that demonstrates how you can define a Trading System.
You can give it a try with the Lite version of Stockalyze too, just that you will not be able to save the new Trading System if you use Stockalyze Lite, but you will get the idea what all it will take to define the Trading System you want to test. Give it a try and let me know if you face any difficulty.

Good luck and happy Stockalyzing,  :)
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