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Using my own template

Started by Nike, August 30, 2017, 07:14:00 PM

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1.  Created a chart with indicators, and zone sizes as I prefer.
2.  Save as my own template
3.  Open a new chart with a different stock symbol from #1 above
4.  Applied template as in #2 above
5. Chart looks entirely different with zone sizes, and zoom settings different from original chart used to create the template.
Any ideas?


A template does not contain zone sizes and zoom value. It is just a collection of indicators that is applied to chart.
There has been some request to add these and some other things like buy/sell arrows to template.
We most probably add these in next update
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To Sacha,

One of the major reasons I am supportive of your application and have recommended it to others is the fact that the responses to my questions are prompt, and very clear without a lot of computerese.  I congratulate you on a job well done.

Blessings to you


We have just finished implementing improvement of templates. A template now will contain much more than just a collection of indicators:

  • Heights of each zone
  • Chart's zoom factor
  • Chart periodicity
  • Chart style
  • Patterns like double-top, head-and-shoulder, etc.
  • Buy/sell signals
  • And some more :)

This change is still not available in official release but you can give it a try by downloading private installer from

Hope you find it useful,
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