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Stockalyze doesn't have my favorite stock symbol

Started by Christine, August 28, 2017, 02:20:00 PM

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I'm interested in this stock SLNO.  But before buying, I would like to do some technical analysis.
Using Lunetek Stockalyze 2014, there is no data.
Any idea why?  The stock is listed for more than a decade.

Thanks & have a great day,


Hi Christine,

We will refresh the symbol list in future update but you don't need to wait for that.

You can add symbol to Stockalyze on your own, it's very simple. You just need to click on 'Add security ...' button on Symbol Selection Dialog and follow easy steps. Just try it.

If you need help you can read, but I guess you will not need to read it. It is that simple.

Please try and let me know if you face any problem.

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