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Visualize trading simulation on chart

Started by, June 21, 2017, 01:59:00 PM

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I love your software !!
I am new so maybe I am missing something but IF I am using your system correctly I would like to recommend a very helpful improvement...currently there are two ways to see how good a trading system way is with the arrows that pop up on the chart under "Add Signal Markers"  ... the other way to see how a Trading System performs is through the "number crunching" your software does to determine the most profitable Trading System for a particular ticker symbol ...

If a person CHANGES the "Maximum Drawdown" and/or the "Maximum Loss" numbers for the Trading Systems that are to be tested, the resulting profit and loss will be different ... and that's all fine and good  ... the problem arises because now the signal markers (up and down arrows) on the corresponding chart do not match this new information ... so there is now no way to see visually how the system is performing on the chart (up and down arrows) based on the custom choices by the user for max loss and max drawdown - which makes the arrows on the chart now useless and misleading ...

Would it be possible to create the software such that the up and down arrows on the charts would correspond to the Trading System backtesting AND the custom max loss and max drawdown selected by the user ??

If this can't be done I hope you can eliminate completely the max loss and max drawdown fields as they really do interfere with a "pure reading" when backtesting Trading Systems...from my point of view, when I back test a Trading System I don't give two hoots about max loss or max drawdown because I only want a pure reading on the Trading System itself...but, of course, others may not feel the same way...
Thank you again for your great software !!


Your suggestion is in fact a good one. We will consider it.

If you don't want max-loss and max-draw-down fields to interfere with your result you can set both of them to 100% and you will get the "pure" result.

Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

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