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General Discussion / realtime data streaming
« on: January 21, 2020, 12:23:40 AM »
HI...during recent trading i noted the need to have a great portfolio monitoring tool.
I see where future plans are for realtime feed and interface to python or cpp.
Are any of these coming soon.
I have the source  codes in cpp, csharp and java and python for realtime datafeeds to:
IB brokers
IexExchange and others
I also have an old repository in csharp that has over 20 vendor data connectors.
So I see myself needing a way to follow my portfolio and receive audible, visible and sms texting alerts when something happens in the markets. So what is the possibility you guys can allow us a portfolio monitoring tool in the realtime stream soon? It really  is needed....If  you need some help on this feel free to contact me..eric

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