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I think you want to remove Candlestick patterns from chart, right?
Then just right click on chart and select 'Remove candlestick patterns'.

That's it.

When you think it is tedious, try to find different way. I have put enormous effort in making things simple in Stockalyze. :)
1. I don't know which dialog you are talking about?

2. OK. I will look into it. A fix will be available soon.
Thank you for reporting it. I acknowledge that it's a problem. It will soon be fixed.
Please have patience.

Feature & Enhancement Requests / Re: SELL Price
December 09, 2019, 02:49:20 PM
Sorry for late response.

I am not sure what exactly you asked for, Sell price has to be a price that is between low and high of transaction day. Can you please elaborate a little more what exactly you are asking for. I couldn't understand if the transaction happens today how can we sell it at the price that is maximum of last 5 days?
More explanation will be great.
I am not sure if I understood your query. But if you want to close your trading position when a target percentage profit is reached then you can do that in Stockalyze. Please see attached image that shows the exact field in backtesting dialog where you need to supply the target value.

If there is anything else, please feel free to ask your question.
General Discussion / Re: how to save may watchlist
December 09, 2019, 02:38:23 PM
You can just create a watchlist and add items into it. You can take a look at this help page to know the details.
Note: We recently discovered a defect that adding an item without creating a watchlist crashes Stockalyze. We now have fixed it recently. In case you are using old Stockalyze please download afresh.
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: Intraday
November 29, 2019, 03:26:02 PM
QuoteFirst I wold like to say I really enjoy using Lunetek Stockalyze I use it everyday and i am always learing somthing new.
Great to hear this. Thank you.

QuoteI have tried using the new Intraday chart but it will not update within the time frame when Ii set it to every 5 minutes it just stalls. My question is am i doing something wrong or is there anything that I might be missing ?
Is that mean Stockalyze freezes/hang? Can you please tell me for which Stock you are seeing this problem? I will look into it and definitely the problem will be resolved.
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: intraday time lag
November 28, 2019, 01:34:11 PM
Stockalyze fetches data from AlphaVantage or ASCII data, or metastock data if you have configured those. So, it is outside of concern of Stockalyze if the data is delayed. I assume you are using Alphavantage data provider. You can see for yourself if Stockalyze is getting correct data from Alphavantage. In this case you can go to this alphavantage link and see if the data shown by Stockalyze is different than you downloaded with this link. If they differ than it is the issue of Stockalyze.
Please let me know what you see.
General Discussion / Re: stop in time
November 24, 2019, 07:06:45 PM
There is a field for precisely that. Please see the attached image.
I didn't have any plan to add it but I can certainly add it. As of now I am busy implementing other stuff. We have taken note of it and can implement it in near future.

Sorry that you are experiencing problem. I have increased your allowed number of licenses to 15.
But, we also need to solve your problem that you needed to register multiple times.
I will soon let you know about a beta build that will help me diagnose this problem you are facing.

General Discussion / Re: number of records
November 22, 2019, 05:20:48 PM
Yes, it's precisely that.
Hi Fernando,
Sorry for the late reply. Below are my responses to your query:
QuoteI have tested and It is perfectly working.
It does not not import duplicated files anymore and the exit of the trades in % are there.
Great to know it is working perfectly. :)

Quote- I believe that you are still thinking at how or when you are going to implement the functionalities that I told you about day trading. Am I right?
I actually have made up my mind to add these supports along with other features to make it more usable by day traders. I have been setting up the ground by making other changes that will be helpful in implementing these features. I hope you will hear soon from me that these features are making their entry into Stockalyze.

Quote- Do you have de VWAP indicator in stockalyze? I could not find It.
Stockalyze doesn't have VWAP indicator but do you know you can create it on your own in Stockalyze? I have been planning to create a demo video for this feature. I will let you know how to.

Quote- Buy or sell If the second candle of the day goes up or down the High or Low of the previous candle (the first of the day).
Yes, it is possible. You can try it in Lite Mode also, just that you will not be able to save the Trading Systems.

Quote- Loss: One tick higher or lower of the first bar.
I don't think I have understood it correctly. But most probably it is not there in Stockalyze. The improvements I am planning will have more elaborate stop loss settings and so probably this case will be handled too.

Quote- If the loss is hit the trade will be executed again in the opposite direction.
Stockalyze as of now doesn't do backtesting of short positions. This is another improvement in pipeline. Stay tuned you will hear soon about these features making their way into Stockalyze.

I hope I have answered you satisfactorily. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Sorry for late response, I had missed your query.

We can think about it. In the meanwhile does hitting "Ctrl plus" gives the view you want? May be hitting "Ctrl Plus" multiple times will be good. Please let me know.
General Discussion / Re: Setup a Trading System
November 19, 2019, 07:34:56 PM
Hi Mark,
Thank you for your purchase. You can setup both the things that you are asking for. I have explained below.

Quote1- i need to setup my Sell Sign when the current price hits the highest price of 3 days ago.
You can define a condition for sell signal. You can see attached 'sell-condition.png' and 'sell-signal.png'.

Quote2- i need to set a stop loss. Not at a price. but at a time. Like 7 days from the Entry.
You can setup the force close based on number of candles. You can do that in backtesting dialog. See the attached backtest-with-force-stop.png.

Please let me know if it answers your query.