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Feature & Enhancement Requests / Re: Missing Tickers
October 27, 2019, 04:11:23 PM
Thank you for your quick feedback.
If you want to add name to already added securities then you can delete them in symbol selection dialog and add them again. This is the only way within Stockalyze. I hope this works for you.

QuoteYou are truly amazing at what you do.

Thank you. Stockalyze is my baby, that's all I can say. :)
No, as of now the conditions are always based on relation between data series.
Feature & Enhancement Requests / Re: Missing Tickers
October 26, 2019, 12:55:53 PM
I have added this feature to "provisionally" add symbols that failed to import. Provisionally here means that they will become part of Stockalyze database and at the time of Stockalyze closing all those symbols will be deleted for which there is no price data in the database. So, if you tried to import a list of symbols and you get error listing the symbols that did not import and you chose to add them provisionally but then you didn't actually run the backtesting and closed Stockalyze then all those provisionally added symbols will automatically get deleted. But if you went ahead and run backtesting and some symbols were good and price data for them got fetched and some were bad and no price data could be fetched then all those bad ones will get deleted automatically.

I hope this will solve your problem? Please let me know how it goes and what you think about it.
You can download the beta build from here.
General Discussion / Re: Question on historical data
October 26, 2019, 12:41:46 PM
Which data-provider you had selected? If it was Yahoo and you see this problem then it can in fact be a bug. Can you give me more details please? Which stock and which data provider?
Thanks for these details. And no, you are not bothering me at all. :) It is in fact good to listen to Stockalyze users and what they want. So, please keep posting about questions/ideas/suggestions and whatever. Regarding your 10 min and 240 minute charts. Let me give it a thought. It's not at all difficult. I will ponder on it.
QuoteI really don't like beta versions, but I'll give yours a try.
Thanks. I most appreciate it. :)
Beta versions of Stockalyze are actually next official release. We release under beta version to get feedback of users who requested the feature. If all is well then it becomes official release without any change. Those who had installed beta version doesn't even need to update to official release version because it is exactly the same. Also, for installing beta version or an update of Stockalyze, existing Stockalyze doesn't need to be uninstalled. You just run the new installer on top of existing one and it takes just few seconds. So, the typical problems that come with beta versions are not there in Stockalzye.

QuoteRegarding the ASC data, I'll provide you with 2 or 3 files with brazylian data (intraday) so you can see what I'm talking about. Hope you can solve it....
I think I can roll it out in few days. Please stay tuned.

Quotethe chat I mentioned are full of people eager to have a backtesting (intraday) at an affordable price and with a friendly interface, and Stockalyze fullfills both
I am glad you find Stockalyze interface simple to use. It has always been one of the main goal of design decisions of implementing features in Stockalyze.

Please wait for ascii data support. It will be available soon.
Intraday backtesting is available in beta version of Stockalyze. You can download and try it for free. It is just that few functionalities will be limited but you can test what you are looking for.
Regarding ASCII data import I think I will make it available very soon. It will be good if you can share a sample of data so that I better stand what I need to support.
General Discussion / Re: Data From CSV File
October 25, 2019, 01:29:29 PM
As of now it is not possible to import ascii data. But I can add this feature. Just that I need to do in a way to cater for all possible scenario. Can you please send me this file? May be you can send me as personal message. I will take a look and decide what I can do for it.
General Discussion / Re: Question on historical data
October 25, 2019, 12:37:01 PM
QuoteEarly on in learning Stockalyze I thought running a trading system on a list of stock symbols would download the historical data.
Your understanding is right. Just that the data for only those stocks get downloaded that you used in backtesting. It's not only backtesting, anything you do like creating chart, run stock screener, backtesting, or even if you had alert set and you started Stockalyze then the price history of required stocks are downloaded. So, Stockalyze fetches data always on on-demand basis.
For creating chart there is a small optimization. If data is already present then a chart is first created with existing data, so that you get to see the chart as soon as possible and also the download of price is started in the background and chart is updated if there is new data available. If there is no data existing then only you see "waiting for price history".

QuoteBut now when I run a trading system, and then chart a symbol, I get the brief message "waiting for price history" then the chart is displayed.
Are you getting this for same symbol you used in backtesting? Was backtesting done with Eod and you are creating intraday chart or vice versa? If not then it is a bug, but I doubt it. Please confirm. If it is bug it will be solved quickly.

QuoteSo my question is:
How did the system run a trading system and use historical data when, by displaying a chart for a symbol, Stockalye needs to retrieve historical data?
I suspect either the symbol or the periodicity of backtesting and chart don't match. Please confirm.

One more thing to note is that intraday data and EoD data are separate and so both require separate downloads.
Sorry for lengthy explanation but I am putting it here for everyone's help. :)

General Discussion / Re: Custom data provider
October 25, 2019, 02:49:55 AM
QuotePlease, can I use other data provider?
For EoD you can use Metastock data if you have that. But, for intraday/realtime as of now only Alphavantage is supported. We are planning to add support for more data providers and also support of Metastock format and ascii format for realtime.
Will it be helpful for you?

QuoteI checking on alpha vantage, but I am not sure also.
You can use Stockalyze itself to see if your favorite stocks are available using Alphavantage.

QuoteThere is any possibilty to use DDE (i have DDE quotations)
As of now it is not supported.

QuoteSorry if my questions are not clear, but I am not a experience user.
Stockalyze is for everyone. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you. Also, please let me know if support of metastock or ascii/text fle format for realtime will solve your use case?
Hi Ronaldo,
As of now backtesting only tests long positions. Do you want to backtest strategies for short positions?
We can add this in next few updates.
In Backtest Trading Systems dialog you can set "Maximum loss", that is stop loss. You can also set "Maximum drawdown". For more details have a look here.
Alphavantage does give delayed data for some stocks sometimes.
The new parameters are in backtesting dialog. See attached.
Looks like a bug if this observation is right. Thank you for trying beta build and reporting this issue.

Can you please tell me which Trading System you used? May be you can send me the screenshot of backtest dialog with all parameters filled will be more helpful. I will try reproducing exact issue on my computer.

Thanks & regards,