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Hi Ronaldo,
As of now backtesting only tests long positions. Do you want to backtest strategies for short positions?
We can add this in next few updates.
In Backtest Trading Systems dialog you can set "Maximum loss", that is stop loss. You can also set "Maximum drawdown". For more details have a look here.
Alphavantage does give delayed data for some stocks sometimes.
The new parameters are in backtesting dialog. See attached.
Looks like a bug if this observation is right. Thank you for trying beta build and reporting this issue.

Can you please tell me which Trading System you used? May be you can send me the screenshot of backtest dialog with all parameters filled will be more helpful. I will try reproducing exact issue on my computer.

Thanks & regards,
General Discussion / Re: Intraday
October 21, 2019, 03:02:02 AM
This is now available in beta build, give it a try and let me know if this is what you wanted.
The probable reason is that you are looking at the signal that happened on Friday or a day before a holiday and so the next trading session is not the next immediate day and so the delay. Check the date of next candle on which signal occurred and confirm if this is the case. Otherwise please let me know which stock you are having problem, I will take a look.
They are values of corresponding indicators. You can try TYPPRICE and AVGPRICE indicators, they belong to Price Transform category of indicators.
Feature & Enhancement Requests / Re: Marks on the Chart
October 20, 2019, 04:16:13 PM
Its' already there. In a chart window hit Ctrl+4 and supply Trading System, you will get buy/sell signals displayed on chart.

You can read this section in help manual for more detail.
New update with following improvements is now beta:

  • Changes in input series of Point and Figure chart is now saved and used in all subsequent charts
  • Backtesting can now be done with intraday data
  • Buy and sell price are now configurable for backtesting, you can select open, low, high, close, typical, average, or median price for buy/sell simulation
  • By default next candle is used to trade after a signal has occurred, now it can be configured to trade on same candle

Please download beta version and give it a try.

Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.
General Discussion / Re: Strategy entry and exit prices
October 19, 2019, 01:43:36 PM
You can now configure if you want the trading action to take place on signal day itself. It is in beta but you can give it a try: beta build to backtest by trading on signal day.
I am planning to make it configurable to decide the trading price from open, close, low, high, average, or typical price. Do you think this is what you need?
General Discussion / Re: Intraday
October 18, 2019, 01:18:51 PM
This feature is in pipeline and will soon be in an update. Thanks for showing interest in the feature that is already in progress. :)
Quote1) After identifying the entry candlestick (buy), I want to place a fixed sell one tick below this candle. (my stop loss)
2) My target is fixed and is defined by the size of the entry candlestick.  In this case, the size of this candlestick multiplied by 2

This is interesting. As of now buy, sell, short, and cover signal definitions are independent of each other. If I understand you correctly you want to use buy price value in defining sell signal, right? This is not possible as of now but I can think of the way how to make it possible. Please confirm if I am getting you right.
QuoteIn this case of this 1 day slippage, don't you think it's better to use the open price of the day after the signal?

I get your point. Let me think what can be done to improve it.