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Gogle Charts not working

Started by Divya, August 18, 2018, 11:31:52 AM

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Hey till yet google charts are not working. And index charts are only provided on google platform not on yahoo paltform. So it is very difficult to use the software it seems that now the software is of no use. Please Reply


I understand this can be a problem. If you provide the list of all indices you are interested in then we can make it part of the product. Basically we need a list of Yahoo symbols and name of index. Something like what is present in  attached file IN.NSE.INDEX.dat. First column contains Yahoo symbols and second column contains name of index. I could also fetch the list of all indices of NSE. They are present in NSE-INDICES.txt. I guess this is what you are interested in. If so then please provide the list of all symbols you are interested in and we can make that part of the product immediately.

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