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Registration count downto 1

Started by Stephen, November 22, 2019, 08:20:55 PM

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I have this program, StockAlyze Installed on one computer only!

I have had to reauthorize it every time it says Lite Mode, even though I only run it one one computer.

Now I am down to 1 count of 5!

You have to instll it as Administrator, which is OK, but I registered it as same on this compter.

I dont run under administrator, but a different ID, where I have isntalled is (down to 3)

Now on that same account today the program said there was something wrong with the registration and now I am down to 1 left!

Can you PLEASE reset this to 5 less 1 or 4 left cause I dont want to run out of count!


Sorry that you are experiencing problem. I have increased your allowed number of licenses to 15.
But, we also need to solve your problem that you needed to register multiple times.
I will soon let you know about a beta build that will help me diagnose this problem you are facing.

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