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Tuws AN, TQQQ still will not update

Started by Keith, June 30, 2020, 10:27:34 AM

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There is a program problem. TQQQ on the NASDAQ still only updates to last Friday. As per your email to me last week. Checked it just now. It still doed not  update to the 25th

Keith Zornes


I tried TQQQ just now and it works just fine for me. I used both Yahoo and Alphavantage and got expected result for both. If you are online can you try again and let me know?
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Tried again. Does not work for me. I will reboot computer and see if that helps.


I rebooted my computer and it still will not update re installed it and it still will not update TQQQ. I them tried QQQ, it updated fine then retried TQQQ and it will not update it.