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General Discussion / Registration count down to 1
February 25, 2020, 02:16:36 AM
I have this programe installed on two computers.  Previously due to hard disk failure on my old laptop, I had made two clean installations.  Now, I  have got virus attack and prepare to made another clean installtion.  Can you please help to reset this to 4 or 3, caused I don't want to run out of count.


I have noted that there is a discrepancy in the point and figure chart at the high-low level configuration.

When the price box of the chart is fixed, low level column "O" should not be entered when it did not reach the price.  

The stock price is now $50
The price box is $0.5
It reversed to $47.30 then goes up again,
It Should have five "O" entered
But your chart generated six "O"
The result is, the chart generated did not reflects the real situation and the trend line created will be ambiguous.

Much grateful if you could look into the matter.